Saturday, April 15, 2017

Two Of My Greatest Heros

Now this may not have been written at the Uncle Earls 15 years ago, but it sure fits now...
Tryin' to be a hero, and winding up a zero,
Can scar a man forever right down to his soul.
Living in the spotlight can kill a man outright...
Because everything that glitters is not gold.

If you are 'new' to the Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Field Trials and were not there before 2010, you do not know the battles fought, the heart break felt and scars worn by the great men

 who inspired me, and that came before you, and made the Uncle Earl's what is is today.

 I did not know it at the time, but I was watching empires crumble, and legends being 'made' that money cannot buy,

 and will never be matched, forgotten or beaten.

And...Ironically, my two greatest all time legendary heros were not even men... 

Such were the days of Uncle Earl's past when 'The King' and his queen ruled Winnfield!

The Uncle Earl know it all's of today, don't even realize that there was a time when there was no "Best of the Best' 

and if you could not call your dogs out after the whisle blew, and have them 'on the leash' within 30 seconds, 

you were penalized and...

you lost a 1/2 point. That's right, if you couldn't call your dog out, it could cause you to lose!

Those were the days of the great Catahoula hog dog men 

and women, and the legends that will never be forgoten,

        Hoyt Ferguson and Hondo

 and those magnificent bastards that legends are made of and who made 'our' names famous!

           Bobalou 1995-2006

Don't forget...

It will be 11 months before the next Uncle Earl's family reunion and we can gather together again @

in honor of the most famous Catahoula hog dog man, of the 20th century, Louisiana Governor Earl Long.

But in the mean time, coming up next month in southeast Texas,

we can gather as a family and in memory of, and honor Hoyt Ferguson, on Memorial Day weekend, it is the

And on the heels of the Uncle Earl's last month, and the Sherry Bando Memorial Bay back in January, the word is:


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