Saturday, January 2, 2010

Many New People are Becoming Hog Hunters

The popularity of hog hunting is growing raspidly, so much so, some say it is considered to be the fastest growing sport in the nation.

With the rise in popularity comes many new people who are anxious to get out there and expand their bragging rights.

Because they are new and possibly because they grew up with machines they bought which served their recreational needs many newbies think they can invest money in a dog and they are hunting hogs.

many fail to understand the importance of building a relationship with the new dog.

A prospective dog buyer called me this week wanting to buy a couple of started dogs because he went hunting with a few friends and he is hooked on hog hunting.

He has been a bird dog quail hunter and there are not many quail around anymore so he is focusing on hogs, because there are a lot of hogs in his area north of Dallas Texas.

My advise to anyone just starting out hunting hogs is to learn as much as you can about wild hogs, and an excellent source of info on that is this documentary about the wild hog problem in North America, titled "Pig Bomb".

Personally, I don't like the title but the point is there is an explosion of wild hogs in the United States at the moment. The history of wild hogs dating back to Columbus, the politics, the problems environmentally, agriculturally, and the solutions of controlling this epidemic of wild pigs are addressed in great detail in this TV program.

And here is the bottom line for us hog hunters: the program clearly states that the best way to control the population is to hunt them with dogs.

The program also states that wild hogs are becoming harder to control and hunt because only the strong, smart, fast, fighting hogs survive to reproduce.

The more evolved and "modern" these hogs become, the more evolved the dogs must be to get the job done right. That is where I come in with the old blood lines that are getting hard to find these days. But, so many people who call me are new at this and assume they can find a good well trained "finished" dog that is ready to go. Meaning all they need to invest is money and we are hunting hogs.

Problem is that there is such a great demand for finished dogs and so few good dogs are being sold, that many people who come to me who have been doing this for years tell me that they have to go through about 40 or 50 dogs to get a good one.

People who are just getting into hog hunting don't know this and are often frustrated and disappointed with the dogs they get because they can't keep up with these modern hogs we have today.