Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Hannah RIP by Justin Cobb

Two things come to mind here: genetic predisposition to hunt, and it passes from generation to generation to generation. And #2 A hunting dog is only as good as the man who hunts him! Rejoice in a life well spent, and do not grieve my friend. ~ Marcus

The post below was shamelessly stolen from Facebook and posted here for all of us and especially newbies who are just getting into it, to consider the importance of genetics.

I don’t even know where to start with this post except my bad luck with my hog dogs continues for another weekend.

 “RIP Hannah”. 

You were not only one of the best dogs I’ve raised and hunted behind for the past 11 years but you were also by far the best producer I will ever own. When I bred Ringo to Yella that day to get you I had no idea that it would forever change my definition of what a great dog is nor that you would give birth to a bunch of dogs over the years that woul d allow me to raise, own, and hunt behind some of the best dogs to ever be called a hog dog. 

You were not only one of the best hunting dogs but you also passed that heart you had down to every puppy you raised. Things will defiantly never be the same with you gone but I know for a fact that the hogs in heaven don’t stand a chance anymore now with you, wheelpack, and Ringo up there together. 

Y’all keep them bayed until I get there one day to catch them just like you did for over the last decade for me here. Thank you for giving me everything you had for not only the last 11 years but especially for giving me all you had this weekend to help our team win these nice buckles. 

You went out doing what you lived, loved, and were bred to do. This buckle will always be a memory of you. 
P.S. we caught the hog that got you so “Sooie go find another one”

Justin Cobb


Editorial conclusion: If you are  just getting into hog hunting or not satisfied with the results you are getting presently you should consider breeding up genetically. If you are hunting hogs and not breeding, you need to get the 'right stuff' and breed 'em, raise 'em, and let them train you.Because if you have the right stuff they were born to hunt, and never TRAINED!


Below is de la Houssaye's Whiteboy

This is Marcus de la Houssaye, and if you want some of the bloodline I developed over the last 30 years, call Chris Garza in Tildon,Texas @ 830 570 2065. He is in south Texas and has all my dogs on a ranch with children, hogs, horses Whitetail, and wild cattle.Best to call in the evening, Chris is a working cowboy, and is busy in the saddle this time of the year during daylight. 

if you are just window shopping, please don't waste the man's time.

He has puppies right now, and he will be breeding more soon, but you should really consider putting money down for the future, because they are going fast, last I checked with him.