Saturday, April 28, 2012

Uncle Earl Word Games

"Vague" was the word used to describe the "new" rules for Uncle Earl's 2012. Another complaint came in as "If I train my dog for Uncle Earl's rules, I couldn't win any where else."

So once again Uncle Earl's has proven to be out of touch with the rest of the industry. But, for the moment, is this the biggest problem we as an industry should be tending to? Could this Uncle Earl's drama of the last three years just be a distraction from a much greater threat?

And believe me I am not finished with UE2011.

At UE 2011, I was advised to go proactive and begin attacking the HSUS, PETA, and ASPCA for crooked advertising practices, presenting misleading information and images, and misappropriation of donated funds. I am busting them real good on those corrupt practices, but how can I clean up that mess and overlook the UE2011 2 dog which was an embarassment as nearly 1/2 the teams were disqualified for catching?

Go to Wikipedia and search for Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trails, and notice how all the links are to ASPCA and HSUS sites. Also look at the labels: hog-dog baiting(I don't think this is an accidental confusion with a similar word which is what it really is, a baying!) And it has also labeled Uncle Earl's as a catch trail, which is an outright lie. Look at the way the information is presented in this site and consider the design of the wording is to mislead people(like lawmakers)to oppose our sport.

And why is misleading and dishonest information like this out there?

Because we allow it!

If we don't label, identify, define AND police ourselves, the animal rights wackadoos will do it "for" us, and use events like UE2011 2 dog to shut all field trails down. And if they can shut down the trails, the next target is our hunting dogs.

Notice how they claim hog dog trails are illegal in La. and Uncle Earl's is exempt. The biggest lie there is the ASPCA CLAIMING TO HAVE WORKED TO 'MAKE' IT EXEMPT!

Please do not edit the Uncle Earl's Wikipedia site just yet(we can do that later and correct the misnomers). First let's allow a few more people to go to it "as is" and get to analyse the misinformation and how "they" are trying to label and define us and what we are doing.

Look at what was listed as the History of Uncle Earl's: they left out 15 years of it? It looks like whoever wrote the history of the UE was actually never there, they just researched the Internet.

With the power of the Internet behind us, we should be editing and re-editing and linking to positive information sites and videos to resist this deceptive attack against our fine sport. Let's show the good side and tell stories of all the times past sittting around a campfire on a spring morning with family, dogs and friends.

We should publish stories about great dogs of UE past and show the humanity of what we are doing. Like every year, I and my daughter have made new friends from all over the world.

Whether you know it or not, there is a "word game" being played here and it is not limited to Wikipedia. The word game is being played everywhere, such as the media, and the judicial and legislature, and we need to be proactive in it.

If they can get away with this on Wikipedia, it won't belong, and they will be writing these lies into law in Baton Rouge, Austin, and D.C.

I have been fighting the misnomer: "hog-dog rodeo" for years, because no one in the industry calls it that, exept the humaniacs, and it is designed to confuse. Where did they get that from? Because Uncle Earl's is in a rodeo arena? I am winning, by constantly being on watch, ready to defend with the truth, editing, and linking to good information sites, but "we" need to be on guard for their new game, and play on words and make sure that we do not tolerate situations like the UE 2011 2 dog from happening again.

Notice in that Wikipedia site that the person attempts to address the judging and claims the dogs are scored on their voice. Whoever wrote that knows nothing about a baying much less how a dog is scored.

We the competitors AND hunters need to be on guard and we need to be proactive when it comes to labeling, identifying, defineing, promoting, and policing(critizing) our sport. What happens in the woods, is nobodies business but our own for the most part, but what happens in front of an audience like UE or at ANY baying, or what is published in magazines or websites claiming to represent us, is OUR business and we have an obligation to stand up and be heard as subscribers, or attendees.

We really need to watch what other people are saying and doing against us in public information sites like Wikipedia, and maybe even more important: is anyone watching what "our" public servants are doing in Baton Rouge, Austin, and D.C. when it comes to anti-hunting laws? Jimmy Young always seemed to be on watch for anti-hunting legislation, and he passed that information on to us in Bayed Solid, urging us to call the elected lawmakers and protest. Is anyone watching and reporting?

One more thing about the Wikipedia:

Why are they claiming hog dog trails ARE illegal in La?

Because that is their goal!

And for some reason if you tell people a lie long enough, it becomes true.

Here is the very first link on the Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trails in Wikipedia:​wiki/Hog-baiting

Now scroll down to laws, and look "where" they put Uncle Earl's on THAT site.


Let me put the whole message together here for you:

Baiting or dog baiting most commonly refers to the act of setting game dogs against a chained or confined animal for sport. The dogs bite, and tear to subdue the opposing animal by incapacitating or killing it. Baiting is a blood sport used for entertainment and gambling. It is illegal in most countries, BUT, an exception has been made in Louisiana for The Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials.


Now some people think we can protect our sport by banning cameras, but seriously, have they never experienced a smart phone? And if we think banning cameras(or cell phones) at events are all we need to do to defend and protect our sport, then we have already lost it.

What we really need to do is to clean up our act so we have nothing to hide, and when it comes to things like our websites, the UE 2011 2 dog, and being proactive in labeling, defineing, and identifying exactly what we do, and don't do we be very specific, firm, and outspoken, in all social and public information sites like Wikipedia, or Facebook.

Although demanding a better hog, questioning a judge's decision, protesting a run, or challenging the rules, may be unsportsmanlike during the 5 days of Uncle Earl's, it is not, for the other 360 days inbetween. Discussing and demanding a higher level of accountability of the people who host, sponser, promote and publish our annual event is not only completely appropriate, it is our responsibility to preserve and protect our hunting rights.

If we can't get our own house in order,
we will never defend it from outside forces.

Don't let anybody tell you any different.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Frankie's 2nd time in the bay pen

I am having to place my registered catahoula who has been lightly started on hogs due to several reasons: he's a fence jumper and we moved to our house which was supposed to be sold to us only to have the seller find out that he has a lien placed upon the house he's selling to us so we're renting from him for now. Can't make any changes to the yard or fence at all for 3-12 months. My loss your gain. He's UTD on shots and worming. He's housebroke but may hike a leg once and when he's told no, he doesn't do it again. Excellent with kids and other dogs. Here's the video of his 2nd time on a hog. He's the blue leopard. I'm in Wichita, KS, but would consider delivering to Oklahoma and possibly Missouri. ~ Ted Allen Hart 316.285.5685 Mobile