Monday, August 12, 2013

Cutter Creek Baying August 17th 2013

Cutter Creek Bay Pen

                                   You are guaranteed an even set of hogs, and fair judging...

 August 17 2013
                                                             Are you ready to rumble?

 Books will open at 6:00 pm

Baying start's at 7:00pm due to the heat


Youth Bay $20.00 entry with $10.00 option...
Puppy Bay $20.00 entry with $10.00 option
Old & Young $30.00 entry with $20.00 option
2 Dog entry $50.00 entry with $20.00 option
1 Dog entry $30.00 entry with $20.00 option

 50% payback on all entries & 100% payback on all options.
There will also be a calcutta on the 1 & 2 dog 80% payback.

                   This may be the newest and perhaps the finest bay pen facility in the business,
                                       come and support the efforts of the new management.

 For more information call
                     David Herrington @ (318)-732-0480 or Teriann Herrington (318)-307-6238

please note that future bayings may begin at 7AM as the season cools off

  for directions: