Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It Is That Time Of Year Again!

Christmas is over, and deer season is soon to be finished too!

And this is why I am accused of being so "rude" on da phone to people I have never met, (actually just being honest, protective, and caring for da babies born in my yard) and why da 1st phone call is a good screen to disqualify most callers who just want to 'make them into a pet' and as usual "I" am often accused of being a 'hard' breeder "to do business with!" Yah you got dat RIGHT! Why? Simply put: because I am breeding hunting, service and WORKING dogs, and I am NOT breeding pets.

But... the best working dogs are always a 'part' of the family and are usually the kids pet and personal protection, or simply your best friend, when it is not hunting season. Cur dogs, such Catahoula, Yellow Black Mouth, and Moutain Curs are so intelligent, sensitive and aware, even as little pups, that they are not only smarter than we think, 


(A red leopard son of Patch and Ruby @ 8 weeks old)

~ A Post Christmas Warning:
~ In about 4 to 12 weeks after Christmas we are going to be seeing folks put up the
   "We need to re-home our pet" posts and Craigs list ads. 

                  (The photo above was taken by a very responsible dog 'owner' 
                       who took their new pup on a hike in the Colorado Rockies, 
                              and had stopped for a break along the trail.)

~ These are the folks who purchased puppies as Christmas gifts who are suddenly allergic, moving, having a baby, don't have time, their kids won't take care of it, didn't think they'd get so big, etc...

~ To these people I say:

*You didn't know you had an allergy? oops. Don't let the pet suffer. Get allergy medicine.

*You're moving? what city are you moving to that doesn't allow dogs? Bullcrapville? find a house/ apartment / condo that will ALLOW your furry family member. PERIOD.

* had no idea you were due to have a baby in 2 months? interesting. 
Get a dog trainer and suck it up, buttercup, you're a pet mom and a human mom now, millions deal with this daily and manage just fine and so will you, if you decide to, so just decide to do it.

                                    (Ruby and Simon on board a de la Houssaye's Swamp Tour)

*Don't have time for one 15 minute walk or to have a dog just sit next to you while you're home? really? 

~ So they're better off in a shelter than waiting in your house for you to get home? okaaay!!!....

~ get another dog to keep them company or find a solution that lets them stay in your home, it really isn't that difficult.

* mean your 5 year old didn't step up to the plate to feed, walk, and scoop poop? 

~ And this surprised you? 

~ I guess it's time for you to step up and be the model of responsibility for your own child.

*Wrong Size? not cute as an adult? 

not quite the personality you expected?

 ~ look in a mirror... 

~ How'd you turn out?

 Should we send you back or make you homeless? 

~ Grow the hell up, you chose to bring this puppy home, not the other way around....

but you can bet your ass "that dog" would lay down his life for you.. can you do the same for him or her?

~ I didn't make this post to offend anyone, but rather to open eyes... 

and take responsibility for those without a voice that had no choice in being a gift for Christmas.

~ Feel free to copy and share.

        Merry Christmas y'all, and here is another post card from Louisiana.

Should you be interested in being a part of the de la Houssaye's Catahoula family, and going through the qualification process, I can be reached by cell phone at 337 298 2630 or email:

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mr. A's Poultry Tonic

I have been successfully using this on the farm here in Louisiana for over 50 years.

Since the flood of 2016 we have all had major issues with the consequences of bacterial infections, as well as mold, mildew and parasite infections. Here is something everyone who has livestock needs to consider.

Editors note: Do not use in iron, alumium, or galvanized as a chemical reaction occurs and the dogs will not drink. It must be added to water in stainless steel, plastic, rubber, concrete, or glass only.

 Mr. A's
For Poultry and All Livestock
The original "Smelly" medicine from South Louisiana is available only in an 8 ounce graduated container. For dogs, hogs, horses, mules, cattle, pigeons, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, for poultry and all livestock, all we ask is to get it into their system, in food or drinking water. This culturally rich remedy of Louisiana, Mr. A's Poultry Tonic, is a long time favorite as a health promoting tonic for animal and all livestock use. Handed down from Cajun family to Cajun family over the decades and currently still being produced by Cajun people as a part of the protection and promotion of the rich culture of Louisiana and the health of their animals, Mr. A's continues to be provided to it's loyal customers at their local stores. Mr. A's Poultry Tonic continues to be made available in the local Louisiana, and other States, feed stores, vet offices and retail outlets, to give that healthful bloom to poultry, to your favorite Fideaux(pronounced Fido) and to all livestock even today. Mr. A's is a specially prepared tonic intended for effectiveness in the maintenance of the health of your animals and livestock through the control of parasitic levels.

Your store isn't stocking Mr. A's? Do you think the original Mr. A's should be made available in your local feed store, Veterinarian office or retail outlet? Ask your store to stock Mr. A's if they don't have it on their shelf for you. Ask For Mr. A's Poultry Tonic & Mr. A's Livestock Pellets At Your Local Store.

Mr. A's Poultry Tonic


Chickens & Fowl - Use 1 tablespoon in 1 gallon of water for 10 days. Wait 6 days and repeat.
Baby chicks - Use 10 drops in 1 quart of water for 10 days.
Repeat in 3 days.
Dogs - Use 1 tablespoon for 5 to 7 days.
Hogs - Use 1 tablespoon for each hog for 5 to 7 days.
Horses, Mules and Cattle - Use 2 tablespoons once a day for 5 days.

Monday, November 14, 2016

In Memory of Amos Mann

We have lost a legend in the Catahoula world. Amos Mann was my friend, and a fine man, husband, father, cowboy and the man who gave the Catahoula world: Two Diamonds Cutter, who is the all time leading sire of 1st. place winners at Winnfield.

Amos retired Cutter from competition at about 6 years of age and when someone asked him why retire Cutter in his prime, Amos replied: "I think it is about time I allow someone else to win."

Cutter won a lifetime achievement of 98% first place in all 4 catagories of NALC competition: hog baying, cow penning, treeing, and bench show. In his day if you were competing against Cutter, be prepared to win at best 2nd place.

Above is my Valyrie, a great grand daughter of Two Diamonds Cutter on her sires side, and a great grand daughter of my Maurice on her dames side.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Sherry Bando Memorial Hog Bay 1/26-29, 2017

Looks like it's gonna be a hot time in the piney woods of the Big Thicket of east Texas at a cool time the year, and just in time for us to warm up for the Uncle Earl's 2017...

And all this in honor of our ambassador of the Catahoula and Hog Baying Competitions

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Red's Wild Hog Baying Oct, 1st, 2016







RED AT....940-393-2885 OR
JAMES AT.... 940-229-1009

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

East Texas Hog Baying Sept. 8-11, 2016

Call Jake @ 409 673 2382 for more info 

                Four days of fellowship and fun in them piney woods of the Big Thicket

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why Do Catahoulas Hunt For Some People and NOT Others?

Here is the long and the short of it by a great horse and dog man, my friend Jake Loiacano:

"I truly believe this about a dog. You can bullshit and lie to a human, but you can't bullshit a dog. If he thinks you are counterfeit and you don't have his back he'll leave you hanging, but if he's sure you're going to help him, he'll bleed for you. Two things in this world no one can lie to: GOD and a DOG."

Now I got to hand it to Jake for his straight forward insights about what motivates a dog to go into harms way for us. But Jake is a working cowboy who knows that his work is only as good as the horse and dog working for him.

And the irony is that the dog and horse are only as good as the man working THEM!

As a hog dog or cow dog, not only is the critter dangerous, so is the environment that the dog works in!

For a dog to go into an extremely dangerous environment and face off with something as deadly as a wounded 10 point Whitetail deer like in the video below

or a mean, mad mama cow, or a killer wild hog, the dog needs to know that you have his back and will be there for him when it is elbows and knees in the dirt or mud and you will be there with your elbows and knees in the dirt by his side getting it done!

 Hog hunting, penning wild cattle, or tracking a wounded buck, are extremely dangerous activities that require courage, faith, loyalty and teamwork to get it done right. 

Does your dog know that you will be there for him when he goes into harm's way to put meat on the table?  Can he trust you to have his back?

Below is me, Marcus de la Houssaye with Bobalou in 2004, a dog who took me through some very tough years and he had my back, all the way. Look at them eyes, is he working that camera or what?

If you are interested in owning a de la Houssaye Catahoula, I am a breeder and a trainer, and I can be reached by email:

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Miracle II Soap for Our Animals

Horses, dogs, hogs, so may other uses like to clean us too!

We have all had skin issues in the past if we have animals.

That being said, it seems like this is a great tool in our control of fleas, ticks, mange, ear mites, and ticks, fungus infections, staph infection, etc.

What is interesting about this product is it kills fleas on contact, but if you use it regularly, it actually repels fleas and I just started using it so I am getting incredible effects and I need to share this so we can all start benefiting from my discovery. I dilute it and put it into a spray bottle as you can see below, and a little goes a long way when applying to my animals.

I got a gallon for about $50  with some shipping costs from miss daisy ....

click the link below to get some testimonials and product info

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bull Creek Bay Pen ~ Saturday August 27, 2016

Countdown for bull creek begins! 5 more weeks! 

There is plenty of shade and plenty of camper space! 

We have a big ole field for campers to park in. You will need a generator tho! 

Bring your tents to put up beside the pen. 

Joey Todd 912 618 9487
Jordon Ganas 912 288 3431
Drew Todd 478 349 9079
Phillip Dickerson 912 665 3009

                        The concession stand will be open! We always have a wonderful time! 

                       So y'all come on and let's bay some dogs. VENDORS ARE WELCOME!
                      If you let me know I will try to save all vendors a spot by pen or close to it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Texas Baydog Championship August 5th - 7th, 2016

Lavaca County Expo Arena
located at 449 CR 200 / PO Box 743
Hallettsville, Texas 77964

I love the great republic state of Texas for many reasons...

Two and a half weeks from now,
 this arena will be filled with some fine folks and a bunch of hog dogs!

There will be plenty of shade to park yourselves for the long weekend,

with hookups for 60 RVs

For booking reservations to camp or more info call 361-789-1600

                  and for more info on camping go here:

                                                Ohhhh, I just love Texas...

          If you got questions about the baying you can call or text Will Seger @ 713 822 0530

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pure Bred vs Cross Bred

This is for everyone who thinks that pedigreed papered dogs are gauranteed to be better than crossbred. I know a lot of people are new to Catahoulas and are overwhelmed by the options in breeders, papers, pedigrees, and performance choices.

Below is a copy and paste from Renee Jackson's page on facebook:

 I've let the dust settle a couple of days...I was accused of trying to register my Catahoula/Hound cross Bud Light as a pure bred Catahoula with the Working Catahoula Association, an organization in which I serve as President. 

Also in these accusations, it was reported that I allowed him to also compete with and against the catahoulas at our work ethic trials. Most of you know that know me and most especially Bud Light, know that this preposterous!!! 

First and foremost, it would be un-ethical for me to do so, Secondly, Bud Light would in no way shape form or fashion EVER pass for a Catahoula. If his looks didn't give it away the hound bawl definitely would!!! 

It was also reported that I actively supported crossing catahoulas, this could be no further from the truth!! I do serve as a board member of the National Catahoula Bull Dog Association, but this is in an advisory capacity to make certain that the Catahoula portion of these dogs are represented in a correct manner.

 I also have taken advantage of the accidental crosses which resulted in my dog Bud Light and his 2 sons, Weiser and 10 oz. Did I willingly allow these crosses to happen - certainly not - but anyone that has handled dogs know that sometimes oops!!! do happen. I just chose to make the best of a bad situation! 

Will I breed Bud Light again? Yes indeed I damn sure will! I feel that so strongly that dogs of his cut should be reproduced that we are developing our own line of dogs, Shuka hounds...hog hounds.

 But this in no way, interferes with my Catahoula breeding program, nor my capacity to serve as President of the Working Catahoula Association. For the record, I am VERY proud of my dog and his sons. Just in the past year these dogs have taken the Louisiana State Championship (one dog/dual title with Baby Boy Curs), East Texas Hog Champions (2 dog pro/dual with 3R & Moffitt) 2nd place Old & Young Uncle Earl Hog Dog Trials, 4 & 5th Placements in one dog at UE's, 8th placement @ UE's in 2 dog, and most especially the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP none other than Bud Light, by winning the prestigious Best of Best!!! 

I will NEVER regret them or the opportunities that the good Lord gave me by giving me these "lemons", as they sure did make some fine lemonade!!!!

Editors note:For those of you who are wondering what is going on in the photo above, it is common for puppies(such as Bud Light above) to go nuts when they see a taxidermy mounted boar at a hog dog trial or hanging on the wall in a clubhouse.

And here was my comment to Renee's post on Facebook:

Marcus de la Houssaye Well Renee, welcome to the club! I have been accused of cross breeding for years simply because I do not register my dogs. For one thing, I keep all my males pure and qualified to breed. (One exception being my pure bred wolf.) That way if I have an oooopps, and my stud crosses out it is with a top dog stud. Secondly, as much as I would like to register my pure bred dogs(and make more money), I was given an offer she claimed I could not refuse a few yrs ago., by the NALC. Well, I REFUSED to put papers on them, simply because I refused to do something(she required) which was unethical(in my opinion) in order to paper my dogs! Bottomline: Papers are great, and are important in certain circles, but in the winners circle, your ooops proved it ain't the papers that make the dog as much as someone like Renee Renee M L Jackson giving a well bred cross a chance to show that papers don't make winners, any more than an oppps makes losers. You go get 'em girl! You deserve to be as respected for all you are doing(for the working Catahoula breed) as much as your dogs deserve a standing ovation when they are going into the winners circle. Keep up the good work.

I got to go, but I want to put some more pictures of Bud in here later...