Monday, November 24, 2008

A Satisfied Customer

I just got a call today from Matthew Trahan in Vinton, Louisiana, who is one of my satisfied hog dog customers who has in the past been impressed with my breeding program and wanted some more dogs to try out the new addition of the Blair bloodline into my breeding. He came by with his hunting buddies about a month ago and picked out Spider and another 6 month old pup out of Angel and a new stud I'm trying out. Matt advised me that the first time out with Spider this last weekend resulted in Spider swimming the river, finding his own hog, bayed him up, and kept him there till the bulldog arrived. Spider is almost two years old, 1/4 Blair bred, out of Angel and Bob. That's my boy! Soon to arrive are some pups out of Jesse (Spider's brother) and Sweet Peas. From that in a year or so, we'll see if 1/8 Blair bred are as game as the previous generation. I suppose I should always keep a few of my Maurice bred dogs as pure as possible, but I must admit the Blair breeding has made a believer out me and my customers. If it sounds right for the way you hunt, and you want some de la Houssaye's catahoulas, I will have some pups out of Houla and Riley that will be ready to wean in a couple of weeks. Come get ya some!


Boss Mare Eventing said...

Do you sell you pups to non-working homes? In the future I would like to get a puppy when I move to my farm. I have a 7yr old male Catahoula at the moment.

Marcus de la Houssaye said...

Hi Veronica, And yes I do sell to non working homes because catahoulas can be very adaptable and with the right people who understands the dogs natural instincts they make great pets. Non the less the need to work may be expressed in guarding you and following you everywhere and you will need to be very careful of exposing the dog to people it does not like and thus you can not bring them everywhere you go and when the pet must be left home alone you must crate them. The most humane treatment for a catahoula suffering from separation anxiety is a crate and force the dog to sleep. And the best time to acclamate a dog to the crate is at about 6-8 weeks and thus avoid the loud and prolonged protests that results in not training your catahoula to crate early enough. One important thing to consider here is that not all catahoulas are the same and for pets I recommend a different bloodline than for working dogs. I have both in my kennel and spend a lot of time on the phone qualifying prospective pet owners from the working dog people. And Veronica, in your case, I also recommend getting a puppy a year or two before the older dog is gone because the puppy will learn so much from the older dog who already knows your commands, programs, and routine.

Angelica Bays, said...

So are there specific lines you would recommend for a companion/family/nono-working dog?
I had a 1/2 Blair a few years ago and I loved him to death but he really was a little much for the suburbs. ;o)
This new one will go running/walking with me, visit the local dog beach, be a family pet and maybe even play a little flyball.
Who would you recommend?

Marcus de la Houssaye said...

I would be glad to help you find a dog if you are still looking. Call me at 337 298 2630. i do not respond to email or blog posts everyday, it is best we talk on the phone.