Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hunting Season Makes Me Smile

I bought a "new" used pickup truck last month, just in time for the deer season. It wasn't long before I had an invitation to go on some one's lease and got on I-49 northbound, to do some deer hunting and work some blood dogs on fresh blood.

I love driving through the country side and being a tourist in this great state.
And what a pleasure it is to be able to drive for hours, and not be in pain like I was in the van.

We were hunting in a natural gas field with great limestone roads and long, clean, clear shooting lanes.

As soon as we were dropped off at the box stand,

Jessie and I took a walk to set out some scent wafers and look for sign.

Well 20 minutes in the box stand, Jessie is asleep at my feet, and two does pass through the rye grass at about 125 yards, and look around, nibble, and linger for a spell before moving on east.

Being aware of the fact that the bucks are in rut and following the does, I wanted to see what might come behind the does.

So I waited...

and I didn't have long to wait,

There is something moving off to the left...

Let's zoom in here...

and then I realize that a herd of pigs are lining up to eat on the corn.

Looks like I need to visit north Louisiana more often. And I must confess; I was tempted to wake up this hog/blood dog and go catch a little porker to go with the venison I was about to harvest.

But it was opening day and I can hunt hogs all year long, so I controlled myself and waited.

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