Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hog Hunter Bomb

Just got off the phone with a new hunting buddy in Slidell who hunts the marsh out of a boat

and he gave me a title for this blog post. It seems the documentary movie Hog Bomb has caused a lot of people who see the movie to get into hog hunting and they are wreaking havoc on the sport because there is a lot more to this than just get some dogs and you are hunting hogs.

This is why I stopped advertising my dogs to hog hunters; I am fed up with dealing with the public. Or can I be blunt about it? The morons. I have spent hundreds of hours on the phone trying to educate people and pretty much wasted my time, because people don't want to learn, or is it me that ain't got enough sense to realize you can't teach hog hunting on the phone? I also went and met people and hunted with them and that is where I came up with the moron factor. Then as one breeder put it to me I was trying to hunt in the idiot zone. I said what? And she explained that there is a certain area code they call the idiot zone.

Then another hunting buddy from Northeast Texas calls me and he tells me the same thing that some new upstarts are going in where he normally hunts and ruining things with the land owner and the game warden.

So what are we gonna do about it? Make a video showing the various ways to hunt hogs. As in right and wrong. I believe people today hunger for truth and knowledge because we are fed so much crap by the media, politicians and advertisers, that we all hunger for reality, old school truth and common sense.

And... let's hope we can teach these upstarts a few things that the old timers taught me. I actually didn't start hunting hogs until I was 40 years old, and I thought I new better than the old timers. Thing was I went to hog dog field trails and was friendly with people and made a lot of friends along the way.

In fact, I am looking forward to the Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Field Trails.

Part of what opened doors for me was I had the most amazing hog dog named Maurice, and he impressed people so much in the trails that I was sort of instantly catapulted into the elite circles of breeders and hunters. Even though I didn't know what I was doing Maurice was a natural.

So, back to the video and the message I want to present:

Practice and teach ethics, respect for land owners, the law, the environment, other hunters, safety for the dogs and us, and the bottom line: hog hunting ain't about bragging about how many you caught or killed last year or how big the teeth, it is about putting meat on the table and protecting the environment that all species depend upon.

One of the assumptions people have about hunting hogs is that the more dogs you have the better. But because of the danger involved in hunting a wild hog combined with the natural instincts of the dog, more is not better.

One dog, if it is the right dog, by hisself, has a higher survival rate. I know this doesn't make sense if you have never seen it, but thats where making the video comes in. I want to show it on video and television.

As the deer season wraps up, I am looking forward to getting into the management areas which are slap run over with hogs and breaking out my yearlings and two year olds that I have been holding back.

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Unknown said...


Hope your hunts are going well! Stumbled upon your blog tonight and not only enjoyed it, but agree with your thoughts 100%. Our situations are a little bit different as I am a commited rifle hog hunter, (and strange as it may seem, I only hunt hogs.)And out here in Cen. Texas we have the same problem. More and more folks are getting all amped up because of "Scary Big Pig Documentaries", grabbing their guns and heading out into the woods to do who knows what.
I have started a new forum-based website, (yes, appararently like everybody else...), and would love for you to be a member and possibly a contributor.
Our Hog-Dog forum moderator is a one dog hunter, "Aussie-style", as he says and is a great asset.
I made a post on the site with the link to this blog as I think you insight is incredibly valid and more people, ESPECIALLY those who are commited to the sport of hog hunting should now about the recent influx of "City-slicker-hog-killer" now running around in the woods. Nothing against those folks, but EVERYONE should at least make the effort to LEARN about what they are doing before they put other hoggers and/or doggers in a bad light.
Thanks for the great blog and check us out a www.Getapig.com. Take care and get those pigs!

Michael Carter