Monday, April 25, 2011

Your Dog's Natural Diet And Health

Here is a great link to the best article I have found yet on the raw meat diet.

I will post this for now, and soon, I will be writing common sense articles, for common folk, in a language we can all understand.

Here is something to think about: your hog dog is not starting to hunt. Why should he? He always has a belly full of junk food, and the only hunting he ever does is at your back door at the same time EVERYDAY and he is never hungry.

Hunger is what motivates a dog to hunt in nature.

Go back to nature and do your dog a favor.

Feeding him too much junk food everyday is not, in my opinion, humane.

And what are you going to do with him if he doesn't hunt? "Get rid of him?"

Beware: the word on the street is: Marcus is a hard man to do business with.

Damn straight; I am protective of my dogs and my puppies. Money does not qualify you to own either of them.

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