Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Will There Be An Uncle Earl's 2012?

I sure hope so, and I am as serious as the great granddaughter of Cutter and Maurice in the photo below!

I am not mentioning any names or making any promises,

but after this year, one way or another, Winnfield will never be the same.

Hopefully, it will be better, because it cannot and it will not go on like it has in the past.

Although, feelings have been hurt, and friends may be lost, I will not apologize for demanding restrooms for our women and children, reasonable provision of water for our dogs, and an even set of quality hogs. I never openly accused or attacked anyone in my proposals, or my investigative questions.

I have however actually had fun defending myself against two wackadoos who attacked me.

I feel I must apologize for being disenchanted with the hog dog world lately due to being put on hold temporarily. That was not my call, but this ain't about me.

I'm like General Patton, when I am on a mission, I like to roll and advance the charge. No guts, no glory! When I start something, I like to finish it.

But people are coming to buy some dogs, and it is getting cooler, and things are about to heat up in Winnfield, and I am hunting again now that it is cooling off!

Attakapas Island here I come!

My greatest regret may well be that I lose some friends who refuse to pull their head out of their arse, but so be it. That is their choice.

This is not about winning or losing, but doing what is right.

Some of my closest friends have been people I met at the Uncle Earl's.

Unfortunately, I don't see them very much anymore because they quit going on account of the issues I am presenting to the Uncle Earl's committee in Winnfield soon.

Six months after the blood bath that was Uncle Earl's 2 dog bay, and still no one has the courage to answered the glaring question: how many teams were disqualified for catching in the two dog bay at UE 2011?

The audience couldn't watch, and neither could the competitors. But 5 people watched it all...start to finish and did not object to the animal cruelty or the over all unfairness of the event on Saturday, due to an uneven set of hogs. A few competitors got decent hogs, and most did not. Almost 1/2 the teams were disqualified for catching and this is not the dogs fault.

Dogs who are professional athletes and winning all over the country before and after UE 2011, were disqualified for catching at UE 2011. This speaks of an uneven set of hogs, and we who are protesting(not just me), want to know why?

I see why so many of the people who talk to me about the problems at UE don't waste their time trying to talk to the judges or the management about the real issues; it appears to be a waste of time.

If the Uncle Earl's is the Super Bowl of hog dog trails, we need world class hogs, that are big, healthy, mean, and can defend themselves. And I am not talking teeth, I am talking 200 pounds or more, especially in the two dog bay.

And if we can't provide an adequate number of world class hogs to produce a fair and humane two dog event, we should limit it to the one dog, old and young, and puppy bay!

Below is a message I recently sent to one of the judges at Uncle Earl's who accused me of trying to ruin their career, AND assassinate their character.


FYI: If I wanted to attack any one person at this point, it isn't you. Now, I may be a force to be reckoned with at this point, but I am not on a one man mission to hurt you or any other person. My hope is: you co-operate with what is about to happen in Winnfield and you can be back on top the judges seat next year keeping an eye on things, as I have always believed you were in the past. At this point, I am an investigator with an open mind. If you think I stirred up shit six months ago, be forewarned: it is about to hit the fan in the next 30 days, and it wont be just me doing the talking.

Regarding the evidence: the jury has been seated. Relax, as far as I know you are not a defendant. But at this point, who knows maybe I am wrong. My one regret in all this between you and me, you never picked up the phone: 337 298 2630, and called me, (so we could work this out).


I have purposely been quiet, because I have been asked to, while we formulated our proposal, we are about to submit to the people running the Uncle Earl's.

It appears we(the protestors) are appreciated by the majority of competitors, and are in agreement with the folks in Winnfield.

Here is the bottom line folks:

If the Uncle Earl's is not rigged, it would be very easy to do so as long as there is an uneven set of hogs. And, if it is not rigged, it is at the very least, not a fair competition, and it will never be fair until we have an even set of hogs.

More so:

What we do in the woods in the name of hog hunting is a conservation necessity

to control the wild hog population and there is no other way to get it done.


What we do in a competition arena, in front of the world, is another thing.

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