Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is Uncle Earl's 2012 For Sale?

That is a question among many I am hearing lately.

Presently that question stands in the way of moving the Uncle Earl's forward and in line with the rest of the industry regarding provision of an even set of quality hogs with dubbed teeth.

Also from the office of administration of the city of Winnfield,

I am being advised that a lot of people are expressing disgust regarding what we witnessed from the stands at the fairgrounds on Saturday in the 2 dog bay. This protest of poor quality hogs causing too many dogs to catch, is not only coming from "sore losers" in the competiton, but from the fans and audience too.

Still, not one judge or official of the Uncle Earl's 2011 has come forward and admitted the truth(that we have a problem with poor quality hogs), or answered the question: "How many teams were disqualified for catching in the 2 dog at EU 2011?"

Admitting I may have hurt some feelings, and accepting, I may have lost some friends, I will not apologize for asking questions about an obvious fault in the operation of Uncle Earl's 2011. This is an issue that needed to be discussed openly a long time ago.

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