Sunday, April 24, 2016

East Texas Hog Baying Championships 5/26-29, 2016

What was formerly known as Village Mills is now East Texas Hog Baying Championships

It is a 4 day event and the puppy bay starts on Thursday May 26th.

The new owner is Jake Loiacano, and he has a plan to bring this great sport to new levels, and I believe his timing is perfect! I got into the sport 20 yrs ago about the same time Jake did, and we watched it go up and down, for a variety of reasons and we all had a great time then and I think we can do it again!

What fuels the bay pen industry and at the heart of the sport is some amazing working dog genetics and good breeding practices and for all that to work, it has to be profitable for the breeder.

Below is Jake's plan in his own words

We purchased this bay pen with the hopes that we can help to save a sport that I have been very close to for nearly 20 years. I remember when the purses where much bigger than today and it is a goal of mine to drive them back up. 
As long as hog dogs are worth "good money" people will always be able to justify driving countless hours to go to a baying and spend a ton of their own time and money in order to compete in bay trials. If there is no reward for all the time you put into your working dogs eventually you do what most people do and that is QUIT. I promise it will be my goal to run a fair, fun, and efficient event every time. It will be the kind of event you look forward to coming to for months, and you will probably need months to recover after its over lol... i hope everyone enjoys it and we can start something that will make the price on all these puppies we raise go back up.......

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