Monday, May 30, 2016

East Texas Hog Dog Championship 5 2016

I am having so much fun watching the plan come together, and so proud of what y'all are doing at the East Texas Hog Baying Championships!

I couldn't make trip on account of the weather complications, but all weekend I was getting reports like this and getting excited and cheering the competitors on:

ZERO CATCH OUTS IN THE ONE DOG!!!!!! Let's go boys!!!

I haven't been to a field trial for 5 yrs, and the reason is, @ the UE2011, 1/2 the dogs were disqualified in the 2 dog because of the chutes being loaded with caught out, pitiful running hogs.

Now, I don't care what you do in the woods, that is private, but in a high profile, public forum like Uncle Earl's, you can't be using sub-standard hogs in what is supposed to be the super bowl of hog dog field trials!
Why? Because good dogs that are well trained and winning bayings in front of quality hogs all over the country are gonna come to the Uncle Earl's and stop a running hog and get disqualified if that hog is too small and doesn't have the size and courage to take a stand and fight!
About a week or two after UE 2011, I had got nowhere trying to discuss 'the problem of inferior hogs' with the judges.
So, I stood up and took heat for pointing out the obvious: if we don't stop this( too much blood on the ground at the UE), the ANTI's will, and then they will ban hog dog trials across the country along with it!
Keep up the good work boys, y'all are preserving our heritage and sport for future generations by doing it right.
Those who say it can't be done, need to get out of the way of the one's doing it!

 I want to see hair in the air and elbows in the dirt...
This ain't nothing but good clean family fun in the sunshine and dirt of the Big Thicket!
I have so many fond memories with dogs and my daughter at Village Mills, Texas...

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