Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pure Bred vs Cross Bred

This is for everyone who thinks that pedigreed papered dogs are gauranteed to be better than crossbred. I know a lot of people are new to Catahoulas and are overwhelmed by the options in breeders, papers, pedigrees, and performance choices.

Below is a copy and paste from Renee Jackson's page on facebook:

 I've let the dust settle a couple of days...I was accused of trying to register my Catahoula/Hound cross Bud Light as a pure bred Catahoula with the Working Catahoula Association, an organization in which I serve as President. 

Also in these accusations, it was reported that I allowed him to also compete with and against the catahoulas at our work ethic trials. Most of you know that know me and most especially Bud Light, know that this preposterous!!! 

First and foremost, it would be un-ethical for me to do so, Secondly, Bud Light would in no way shape form or fashion EVER pass for a Catahoula. If his looks didn't give it away the hound bawl definitely would!!! 

It was also reported that I actively supported crossing catahoulas, this could be no further from the truth!! I do serve as a board member of the National Catahoula Bull Dog Association, but this is in an advisory capacity to make certain that the Catahoula portion of these dogs are represented in a correct manner.

 I also have taken advantage of the accidental crosses which resulted in my dog Bud Light and his 2 sons, Weiser and 10 oz. Did I willingly allow these crosses to happen - certainly not - but anyone that has handled dogs know that sometimes oops!!! do happen. I just chose to make the best of a bad situation! 

Will I breed Bud Light again? Yes indeed I damn sure will! I feel that so strongly that dogs of his cut should be reproduced that we are developing our own line of dogs, Shuka hounds...hog hounds.

 But this in no way, interferes with my Catahoula breeding program, nor my capacity to serve as President of the Working Catahoula Association. For the record, I am VERY proud of my dog and his sons. Just in the past year these dogs have taken the Louisiana State Championship (one dog/dual title with Baby Boy Curs), East Texas Hog Champions (2 dog pro/dual with 3R & Moffitt) 2nd place Old & Young Uncle Earl Hog Dog Trials, 4 & 5th Placements in one dog at UE's, 8th placement @ UE's in 2 dog, and most especially the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP none other than Bud Light, by winning the prestigious Best of Best!!! 

I will NEVER regret them or the opportunities that the good Lord gave me by giving me these "lemons", as they sure did make some fine lemonade!!!!

Editors note:For those of you who are wondering what is going on in the photo above, it is common for puppies(such as Bud Light above) to go nuts when they see a taxidermy mounted boar at a hog dog trial or hanging on the wall in a clubhouse.

And here was my comment to Renee's post on Facebook:

Marcus de la Houssaye Well Renee, welcome to the club! I have been accused of cross breeding for years simply because I do not register my dogs. For one thing, I keep all my males pure and qualified to breed. (One exception being my pure bred wolf.) That way if I have an oooopps, and my stud crosses out it is with a top dog stud. Secondly, as much as I would like to register my pure bred dogs(and make more money), I was given an offer she claimed I could not refuse a few yrs ago., by the NALC. Well, I REFUSED to put papers on them, simply because I refused to do something(she required) which was unethical(in my opinion) in order to paper my dogs! Bottomline: Papers are great, and are important in certain circles, but in the winners circle, your ooops proved it ain't the papers that make the dog as much as someone like Renee Renee M L Jackson giving a well bred cross a chance to show that papers don't make winners, any more than an oppps makes losers. You go get 'em girl! You deserve to be as respected for all you are doing(for the working Catahoula breed) as much as your dogs deserve a standing ovation when they are going into the winners circle. Keep up the good work.

I got to go, but I want to put some more pictures of Bud in here later...

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