Monday, November 14, 2016

In Memory of Amos Mann

We have lost a legend in the Catahoula world. Amos Mann was my friend, and a fine man, husband, father, cowboy and the man who gave the Catahoula world: Two Diamonds Cutter, who is the all time leading sire of 1st. place winners at Winnfield.

Amos retired Cutter from competition at about 6 years of age and when someone asked him why retire Cutter in his prime, Amos replied: "I think it is about time I allow someone else to win."

Cutter won a lifetime achievement of 98% first place in all 4 catagories of NALC competition: hog baying, cow penning, treeing, and bench show. In his day if you were competing against Cutter, be prepared to win at best 2nd place.

Above is my Valyrie, a great grand daughter of Two Diamonds Cutter on her sires side, and a great grand daughter of my Maurice on her dames side.

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