Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wow it is Springtime!

A painting of Uncle Earl by Lafayette artist, George Rodrigue

There was no Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trails this year, but we did make it to Fort Bayou for our annual spring break.

Christina, sporting her Fort Bayou Ranch, Youth Bay Cap, with a puppy in the papoose!

Jimmy and Sharon Young, publishers of Bayed Solid Magazine, drove down to Fort Bayou Ranch on Thursday to visit us and announce that the Uncle Earl's would be held next year.

If you want to have a subscription to Bayed Solid Magazine, click here.

I want to report, Reggie Little hosted a first class event.

With fine, clean, shady campsites,
and easy access to water faucets for watering our dogs.
The baypen was top notch, with shade over the gate leading in, and a pond to cool the dogs about 50 foot away when your dog finished the run.
There were port-o-let restrooms in various locations, a hot shower if you were so inclined, and we had access to Reggie's camp kitchen if we needed to feed the family. I plan on bringing a sack of crawfish next time.

Sorry, I didn't get more pictures for the blog,
but I was mostly shooting video for my TV program,
when I wasn't enjoying the fine fellowship and weather.

Seems like we were in good company and made a few new friends as usual.

I only heard of one incident about poor sportmanship,
and he ain't coming back.

If you can't take the heat, stay out the kitchen!

Cuz we are here to have fun!

A few days later,
and I was back to work in the swamp touring a group of Russian women.I know it is a rough job, but someone has to do it!

I just got the word there will be a baying in Diana,Tx next weekend.

The location is at the Rockin H Arena, 10 miles north of Longview.

Contact Brandon Fowler at 903 256 7178 for more info.

I believe it is a two day event April 17th, & 18th

It is not too soon to move the dogs from the sunshine
in the middle of the yard and back into the shade of some trees.

One more word of caution about the 80' temperatures...

And let's not forget to keep an eye on one of your dogs worst enemies
this time of year. Alligators.There are three in the photo above which I took an a swamp tour last week!

Last year, five dogs were consumed from the boat landing where I launch my tours. One of these dogs, a black lab, has lived on the lake all it's life, and was eaten in front of his owner.

Because I work and often hunt out of a boat,
I am always on guard for these aggressive consumers of dogs.And if you hunt around water, you should be too, this time of year, they are just coming out of hibernation and are hungry.

Another thing just coming out now, is a bumper crop of crawfish.

So what the hell does crawfish have to do with hog hunting?

Simple: If you like to eat boiled crawfish, dispose of the crawfish peelings in your hog traps or honey hole and watch the hogs come from miles away to eat this delicacy.

Corn is convienent for bait, but the smell does not carry for miles like crawfish peelings. Recycle those smelly fish heads, and crawfish peelings into regulating the population explosion of wild hogs, instead of sticking them in the trash can and smelling up the roadside pick up.

Now... let's get our boots on,
some dogs out of the box and go get us some pork!

Serious catchdog attitude!

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