Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pet Food Recall

Years ago, I began to "TRY" to educate people about this. And no one believed me.

I assume most of my friends here are pet owners. You do not want to miss this post.

Last weekend, , a friend found one dog dead and rushed the other to the vet, and it survived. Everyone be alert! These were not just pets in the family home, these were young, prime age, completely healthy, active, working cowdogs.

I have been controlling myself and trying to avoid posting this info, because people either think I am crazy or lying, to claim I feed my dogs mostly raw meat.

But, I can't hold back any longer.

I have been reading ingredients for what are animal by-products?


Here is a link to a great article about the propaganda behind the scenes:

Dogs, cats and ferrets fed a regular diet of processed food suffer from a range of cruel and debilitating diseases. Pet owners can improve their pets' health by feeding them a natural, chewy diet primarily of whole raw carcasses or at least raw meaty bones.

Stop feeding junk pet food is the first and best bit of advice I can give you — for the benefit of your pets, the human economy and natural environment. By stopping doing harm we take the first steps on the road to doing good. It gains us a bit of breathing space allowing us to survey the scene, investigate further and harness the benefits of our newfound wisdom.

Actually, it’s not so new. Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician in the 5th century
BC, said: ‘Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal your patients with

So why did we lose sight of the ancient wisdom; why did we ignore the teachings of
nature; and of utmost importance why is it so difficult to discuss, let alone reverse, the current orthodoxy?

If unnatural pet food injures the health of pets, then the cosy relationship between the pet-food manufacturers and the veterinary profession injures pets, pet owners and the veterinary profession too.

Breck Muir complained:
"The infiltration of the commercial pet foods into our lives is one of the great
success stories of the business world. Gross sales figures for a single product
type is probably only bettered by petroleum products worldwide."

We as a profession have been led by the nose by vested interests into a current
situation where most younger vets actually recommend commercial pet foods
as the best available way of feeding domestic pets — because they have never
known of any other way. Before they had their first pet they were bombarded
with constant mass media advertising instilling into them that various
commercial foods are the only way to go, and when they graduated and went
to postgraduate nutrition courses again they had this idea reinforced by
visiting lecturers who actually mentioned brand names in their notes.

Estimated 2007 Sales within the U.S. Market
Food $16.1billion
Vet Care $9.8billion
Supplies/OTC Medicine $9.9 billion
Live animal purchases $2.1 billion
Pet Services: grooming & boarding $2.9 billion2

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