Saturday, December 31, 2011

Boycott Uncle Earl's 2012

For years, I have watched my friends who apparently were smarter than me, droping out of attending and competing at Winnfield.


The only way we competitors of the Uncle Earl's are going to be respected is to prove that we do not need to continue to participate, FUND, and feed into the BS of the past that is apparently NOT over yet.

Meaning: boycott Uncle Earl's 2012.

That's my plan and I am sticking to it. My dogs, my family, my friends, AND my money are going somewhere else at the end of March next year. Like so many honest, intelligent, patient, hopeful competitors who gave up on the Uncle Earl's years ago, I choose to not participate, fund, or hope it will ever be better.

If I do go to Winnfield to visit my friends, and discuss the issues, and see what the turn out is, I will not spend a dime at a gas station, restaurant, or pay to enter the gate.

I contacted Bill Huff(a judge at UE 2011)in April because I wanted to ask him how many teams were disqualified in the 2 dog bay at EU 2011. He replied that he would call me the next day. Nine months later, I am still waiting for that call.

Let us not forget...Uncle Earl's 2011 was a disgrace to the industry as a whole because 1/2 of the teams in the 2 dog were disqualified for catching. This was due to pitiful hogs. Competitors and audience could not watch the blood bath, and left early. But 5 people watched every run on Saturday, and did not object or stop the bay. Those 5 people were the judges. Now these same people(the judges) who would not speak to me and answer the question about how many teams were disqualified for catching, are awarded the contract to run the show?

This duck may be flapping it's wings, but it will not fly.

If you would like to contact the producer contracted for Uncle Earl's 2012, here is his name and number: Bill Huff 972-345-8390.

My advise: before you inquire about the future UE 2012, you might want to ask him what the hell was going on at UE 2011 when 1/2 the teams were disqualified for catching in the 2 dog on Saturday.

Most people who participate at Winnfield have no clue how much money we have poured into the economy of the city of Winnfield for over a decade and a half. Not only do we directly contribute to cash registers at the end of March every year, that money circulates around town, long after we leave.

If the city of Winnfield thought it was bad to cancel Uncle Earl's 2010, wait till they experience the effect of staging this event and we(the competitors) don't show up and financially support it this coming year.

Here is what will really hurt the Uncle Earl's 2012: the entry fee for the one dog bay this next year will be: $65 which is a 38% increase over last year.

I don't know the rest of the fees, but you get the drift.

I suggest you find one of the smaller bayings that respect the competitors and support them.

Here is the blog post I published here on April 6, 2011 that opened up the issue of pitiful hogs causing about 1/2 the teams to be disqualified for catching in the 2 dog at Uncle Earl's 2011:

To bring the same people back who watched every run as judges and did not object or own up to what was happening in the 2 dog last year, is not only unbelieveable, it is as far as I am concerned, unacceptable.

Here is what we the competitors need to consider regarding the boycott:

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