Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to START a hog dog?

I plan to start writing a lot more in the near future as it seems that a lot of new people are seeking ways to get into hunting hogs.

A question that seems to plague many of the newbies is how to motivate a dog to hunt hogs.

First lets go back to nature: what motivates a dog to hunt in the wild? Hunger!

So I advise you to cut back on the crap you buy to feed your dog especially the day or two before you hunt and get their natural diet into the program.

Feed them raw meat as much as possible, and ALWAYS give them some of the spoils of war: feed them some hog!

Please be advised that I do not recommend feeding raw meat as a sole source.

But 70-80% raw meat is healthy, and table scraps can make up the difference.

I use store bought kibble as a supplement to the raw meat diet when I need to.

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