Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In Honor of Jimmy Young

I need to keep this as short as possible, due to a time restraint.

Many comments have been made regarding the crap I stirred up after the Uncle Earl's in 2011.

I have even been accused of attacking Jimmy Young.

But what I did was in honor of Jimmy and duty to the Uncle Earl's family.

The reports have come in that the 2013 event was well done.

Correct me if I am wrong, because I couldn't be there, and so I did not be an eyewitness as I had hoped.

My understanding is: there was an even set of hogs, and the judging was fair.

That was my goal to preserve this sport now and for future generations.

Now....I am not going to mention any names, but I will say this: 3 people were for some time very much involved in controling the outcome of the Uncle Earl's. To be blunt about it: the Uncle Earl's WAS rigged.


Due to the overwhelming duties of staging, producing, organizing, and just plain making it happen it was imperitive that Jimmy deligate responsibilities to volunteers, some of which later became paid employees.

Some of these people were in key positions to load the chutes, and control who got what hog, and thus control who won OR lost.

Until they re-loaded the chutes right in front of me at UE 2011, I had no idea what all was going on.

But they made that critical error, and I am holding accountable.

This is not over.

I have a duty and I claim the right to question everything that goes on in there for 360 days a year.

I will not question the hogs or the judges decisions during the 5 days of the event, but that "sportsmans rule" only applies to the 5 days of the event.

Attack me if you will, I don't care...but beware if you decieve and defraud the Uncle Earl's family, because I got their back.

I have many fond memories of good times and good friends I made at the UE for over 15 years.

Next year we will be back to compete now that it is a fair competition.

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