Saturday, January 7, 2017

Legend Wins The High Point And Best Of The Best 2016

Every dog enters the ring with a perfect score and is judged on mistakes. 

Legend didn't make any.

I don't know what he did in the one dog, two dog, and the old and young, @ Uncle Earl's 2016, but he won the High Point Dog and the Best of the Best! 

They don't call him 'Legend' for nuthin! Wow, watch him bay 'em! 

You can't train 'em to do this, he is a natural!!! 

Whoa, what a great hog for the Best of the Best! Notice it never backed up to the fence! Das what I am talking about when I say if you gonna call it the worlds largest or the super bowl of bayings, then: GIVE ME A WORLD CLASS HOG TO BAY! 

And thank you Kelly Lee, for sharing this video, because I can't stop watching it!

Sorry, this the only link I have at the moment, and you must be on facebook to interface ...

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