Tuesday, January 3, 2017

NALC reg. C Arrow Patch

People, look at the neck on this 14 year old dog!

Today, almost every dog in my yard is a descendant of Patch, the dog who showed me what a real Catahoula is all about starting in 2002. For about 10 years before that, I tried to find a good cross for a great dog from the 90's, and was for the most part disappointed with everything I crossed him to because there is a lot of trash out there. Sorry, you can't breed a great dog with trash and expect a great outcome! That great dog was named Maurice and he was born on my houseboat in 1992 in the Atchafalaya Basin Swamp.

I bought Patch in 2002 when he was two years old at Uncle Earl's and waited two years to breed him. The first time I bred him was a cross with Ruby, a grand child of Maurice and every puppy, grand child and great grand child was to grow up to be magnificent. There were no culls after Patch!

Ruby training her puppies in the bay pen with the puppy pen attached to it.

Coco, Patch's daughter on the left and Simon a grandson out of Angel on the right grew up in that puppy pen attached to the bay pen.

It was with Patch, that I learned what a foundation bred dog can do genetically for my kennels overall performance.  Below is Angel out of Ruby and Patch with his grandchildren.

Below is Bobalou out of Alida and Frank

Below is Patch's grandson Whiteboy born in 2006 out of Angel and Bobalou

Below is Patch's grandson Jesse, a littermate of Whiteboy born in 2006 out of Angel and Bobalou

Patch @ 9 years old @ Uncle Earl's 2011 below

And don't he make some handsome puppies? Below is Jesse James from Patch's last litter in 2014.

And below is Arnold the Governator out of Ruby and Patch

RIP old boy, 

you made me a better man because

the more you got beat up, the more determined you were to win!

I have grandchildren of Patch out of Coco for sale in January 2017, 
and you can contact me by email;>  catahoula1@gmail.com 

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