Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pen Dogs For Sale

I don't usually advertize hog dogs for sale on this blog because I use it for other purposes, but this post and a few following are an exeption and we will see how it goes.

OK, if you are new to the business and looking for a good deal to get started in the pen, keep reading, because my friend is offering some great dogs at a discount price. But first a tutorial on the pen hog dog versus woods hog dog.

If you are new to the pen business and just getting started, you may think that pen dogs and woods dogs bloodlines do not not mix, because we almost never ever put our pen dogs in the woods. But the truth is pen dogs almost always come "out of" some of the best woods dog bloodlines.

 The reason pen dogs are 'selected' from woods dogs is that pen dogs are often one in a hundred, and must come out of woods dogs because you couldn't afford the pen side if you didn't breed and sell the woods dog side. The pen business is very expensive, and no matter how successful you are, in the end it will cost a lot more than it pays.

 The reason pen dogs are not put in the woods is because they are so rare and valuable it is not worth the risk of losing the dog. Pen dogs are rare, and woods dogs are commonplace. A pen dog can be and often is a great woods dog that is 'retired'  early from hunting to protect the genetics for future woods dog breeding. And when you have a great working dog, you want to see them do what they love doing without risking their life and you losing the dogs future genetics contribution and the bay pen allows that. So when you gear your breeding for the pen, you are quite naturally and unavoidably producing a lot of fine high performance woods dogs to get there.

A pen dog is often the 'pick of the litter' woods dog that must be 'protected' from getting killed in the woods, which is dominated by the hog and is an extremely complicated, virtually unlimited and high risk environment compared to a bay pen. In the woods, it is warfare and the pig uses the environment to survive and hopeful win by at least injuring or better yet, killing the dog. 

On the other hand, in the pen it is a game in a very limited, very simple and controlled environment dominated by the dog and the pig has no place to run and hide or any natural resources to use to 'create' a fort. In a pen it is a flat barren desert, without rocks or trees, rivers or even ditches. And all of that is to the dogs advantage because if he is charged by a hog and needs to turn tail and run, he can, and without any environmental complications to hang him up and get him killed. Well, gradually a dog that is campaigned on the bay pen circuit learns to keep his eye on the hog and back up without ever turning out or looking out and that dog can and will win. On the other hand if a pen dog does in the woods what they do in a pen, they won't live long.  

So pen dogs are kept out of the woods for protection of the genetics and not because they 'can't' hunt. It is because the woods is complicated, and takes it's toll that we as breeders must protect our best dogs for the future of the pen game, where a dog learns to get up close and win, as well as the woods dogs who learned the hard way to back up and stay far away from the hog and survive. The main difference between a pen dog and a woods dog is not genetics, it is the environment.

Now if you want to get in on some great dogs and with someone who can teach you about the pen business or the woods dog training, contact Mr. Charles Tucker about the 3 month old pups in the photo below, and he will help you sort 'em out. He also has some started yearlings and some 2 and 3 year olds for sale.

2016 was hard on a lot of people and their animals with the floods and other economic complications, and after all that we are downsizing and making some discounted sale opportunities for you now in 2017. Here is one below... 

 Black Mouth X Catahoula pups for sale. 3 males $65.00 each, 3 females $50.00 each. If you buy a male and a female $100.00 for a pair and these prices are for you pick 'em up at my ranch. Shipping is available for a price depending on where you want 'em shipped. They are about 11 weeks old. 2 of the males mother is Ladner bred. 1 male and the 3 females mother is Bell bred. The sire is SC Hunter and Weems bred. Located in Tishomingo, Ms. I did not raise these pups with the intent of selling any of them, but I have decided to reduce the number of dogs that I own. I will be posting several dogs for sale in the next few days.

The pup at the top is a male. The pup in the center is his litter mate and also a male. The pup left of center is a male.

I will be putting up more info shortly, but if you want to call:

Mr. Charles Tucker can be reached @ 662 424 3099

He is an old timer with a lot of knowledge to share about the woods or the pen, and he is looking to make some deals and will be there for you to consult in the future, if you need help learning how to handle or to train your dog.

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