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Village Mills Memories and the East Texas Hog Baying Championships 5/2017

I remember being the last camper to 'leave' Winnfield on Monday morning on more than one occasion and everytime, as I pulled out, reflecting on the memories and friendships and how special it was to be a part of the Uncle Earl family. I am so glad to see that we have kept it going, and 'overcome' those humaniacs who tried to shut it all down about 10 years ago. Hog dog baying is not only bigger and better, it is becoming a very commercially financially lucrative nationwide industry. Keep up the good work my friends and it will 'just keep getting bigger and better'....

Above is Amos Mann and Diamond Cutter

20 years ago, I went to Village Mills, Tx. every month for the Saturday night baying, year round, and Bruce Hall was the judge. Ohhhh, the memories...

Now Village Mills Bay Pen is renamed The East Texas Hog Baying Championships


The 2017 East Texas Hog Baying Championships Hoyt Ferguson Memorial Friday May 26, 2017

ONE DOG OPEN CHAMPION: CLYDE... And his Owner and; Handler Ms. June Cantrel

                        Photo compilation compliments of Missi Ferguson

 If you don't think these dogs are athletes and are bred and born to work, then think again.

 I love the top picture Ms. June.. ole Clyde is saying "I told you to get back in that corner"!! 
I LOVE watching this dog work! CONGRATULATIONS!! ~ Missi Ferguson

And the winners in the 1 dog are:
1st Place ~ Clyde ~ June Cantrel
2nd Place ~ Gator ~ Steve Lester 
3rd Place ~   ~ sorrry IDK be edited in later

Below are the winners in the 2 Dog Open

Will Seger with Black and June Cantrell with Clyde 

The former Village Mills bay pen in Kountse, Texas, 

now known as the East Texas Hog Baying Championships,

where dreams live and legends and memories are made.

Sorry, I don't now who the dog or little girl is but we can thank Missi Ferguson for the photo


Below is my daughter Christina and her 'Bobalou' 1996 at the boat landing in Henderson, La.

She is not posing, she is working her dog and securing Bobalou while daddy launched the boat to make sure her Bobalou doesn't get run over by the boat trailer or the truck tires.


We came up with a new shirt the other night. "We got crabs at the east Texas hog bay"

Editors note: I will give the last photo and word to Missi Ferguson below:

I took this picture Tuesday night before the baying... 

As I sat outside that night and; reflected on how peaceful it was but yet so empty, it only reminded me that it's just that..EMPTY...The people anddogs that were about to roll in would be what would make the house the home.. They would fill it with love & generosity.. laughter & joy.. and yes there would also be sorrow.. Joshua Branham you were in our thoughts and prayers and missed greatly.. 
I saw so many new faces.. & can't help but smile because that was Hoyts dream & vision was to see this sport grow & be bigger & better!! And it IS.. Not only in East TX, but in many of the surrounding states other Bay Pens are stepping up & working hard to bring these dogs a new light & stage to shine in & on... And I know he's smiling down & so so HAPPY to see this taking place everywhere..So thank you not only to Jake Loiacano but to Billy Joe Huff, Kelly LeeMark BanisterCory DyeWill SegerPatrick WalczakJohn H Marmon, Jimmy Jones and all the other bay pen owners for working their damnedest to make it the Greatest Show on Dirt! (If I left any out it's not intentional.. I don't run the circuit anymore & there are so many new pens).. 
I had a GREAT time as always & thanks to everyone that gave of their time to help make it roll...

Till next year East TX,

Missi Ferguson

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