Wednesday, July 19, 2017

NALC reg. C Arrow Patch RIP

Sorry to say, but 'they' just don't make Catahoulas like this anymore... 

 You made me a better man my friend! The more you got beat up, the more determined you were to win...

His head was full of scars and before he was 5 years old, I retired him from the woods to preserve the gene pool, because they just don't come along very often like this anymore and his children were all getting it done in the woods and the bay pen. I could not afford to risk his life and get him killed.

Below is his son Arnold the governator.

His children, grand children, and great grandchildren, were all magnificent, as there were no culls down the line after Patch.

Above and below is Jesse a grandson out of Angel and Bobalou who is teaching a great grandson of Patch...

I don't care what I bred him to, the pups were all magnificent in terms of performance, grit, intelligence, 

and with perfect markings, just like their daddy. Above is Little Bob, a great grandson under Jesse. 

Below is Cocodrille a son, out of Bobby Girl and Patch

In the end Patch was not only the top stud dog in my yard, he was a great dog for training pups on hog and tracking blood trail deer.

I have 4 daughters of Patch in my yard and one son, if anyone is interested in genetics for breeding or working, I am taking deposits now for the fall pups and I can be reached by email @

BTW: my new cell phone number is 337 704 6330

I am Marcus de la Houssaye and at the request of our dear departed friend Sherry Bando, I am writing the book on Catahoulas, soon to be published online. 

 OK, I am not too proud to admit that I shed a tear or two, but seriously, I am celebrating having been 'chosen' and picked by him. He was two yrs old when I got him at the Uncle Earl's and it took him 3 days to know that he would be with me his whole life. Then he started jumping up and french kissing me in the mouth! And I hate it when a dog licks my hand! But, I recognized and had to accept that it was his display of love and gratitutde. And then gently dissuade his out pouring of love. What a magnificent bastard!

With a head full of scars, a neck like a bull, and loyalty, devotion, and intelligence beyond measure, Patch was the first dog to teach me what a NALC reg. real Catahoula hog dog is all about. I cannot grieve, because a life fully lived should be celebrated.

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