Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There Are Some Bay Pens That Deserve Our Support

I am a hog hunter, I am not in the pen business, but we have an opportunity to network with other hog hunters and buy some equipment firsthand at bay pens like nowhere else, and frankly, I like to try to put my hands on things I buy before I pay for it. The Internet is good for repeat orders, but I like to talk to the people I shop with, call me old timer, I guess I am getting there.

Here I am with the grey beard driving the boat. de la Houssaye's Swamp Tours 337 298 2630

The only hog dog field trail I attend regularly is the Uncle Earls. But, up to about ten years ago I went to a field trail every other weekend. Most events, I chose not to attend for reasons I will not mention here. But not all pens are the same.

And there a few worth mentioning, which I will support, because they are on the front line of the animal rights attacks. If they can shut down the pens, then they will attempt to ban hunting hogs with dogs. We need to stand together and support hog hunting and the pen owners who operate ethically.

There are a few bay pens out there that are up to the standard that all bay pen competitions should be measured by. I will list them as I am referred by my people, or visit them myself and evaluate and qualify them personally.

In the last year or two, several of my friends have attended events at the TNT Bay Pen in Bremond, Tx and without having ever been there myself I want to post the event info here because I have gotten nothing but good reports. Quality hogs, dubbed teeth, honest judging, and a family friendly environment. That is all we are asking for in a small, one day event.

I know this is short notice, but I will post it anyway. Please note the hogs at Bremond were some of the hogs at Fort Bayou in March.

But first, in June there will be a big two day event, with big added money.
It is an annual event with a lot of added money over the normal monthly schedule.
It is called Texas Shootout Bay Competition.
Date June 26, 27, 2010 is currently under construction and should be updated in a few weeks. Presently, it loads very slow and is hard to read, so it is not user friendly. That will change soon. The new webmaster will update the results monthly to post competition results, and in a few months it will be a completely new site.

So for now, let's start here:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Puppy Bay: (up to two pups can run at a time) Entry fee is $15
(Trophy Bay 1st thru 3rd)

Old & Young: Entry Fee is $30 (Trophy Bay 1st thru 3rd)

Two Dog Amateur: Entry Fee is $30 (Trophy Bay 1st thru 3rd)

Kids Pig Chase: Free with Trophies given

Two Dog Pro: Entry Fee is $50 (1st thru 3rd 70% payback)

One Dog Amateur: Entry Fee is $25 ( Trophy Bay 1st thru 3rd)

One Dog Pro: Entry Fee is $30 (1st thru 3rd 70% Payback)

There will be a calcutta, restrooms and concessions available.

Need directions:
google maps and put in the address:
8255 FM 2954
Bremond Texas 76629

For more info: call Gilbert @ 254-746-7628 or cell @ 979-676-2388

I have copied and pasted below the content of the home page of

T-N-T Bay Pen is located in the central part of our great state Bremond, Texas. Here you will find good food and fun for the entire family.
We pride ourselves on running a honest and family orientated event.

T-N-T Bay Pen is a place you can bring your entire family
and know that they will be treated like family.

Our goal here at T-N-T is honesty and integrity,
while keeping a great southern tradition alive.
We are also proud members of the Texas Dog Hunters Association.

We feel that everyone that hunts with dogs should be a member,
regardless of what they are hunting.

The TDHA fights for every one's rights to hunt with dogs.

Not just hog hunters!!!

I think
we are all aware of the old saying:
"Together we stand but divided we fall!"

So everyone come on out each month and lets have fun and fellowship, while
keeping alive one of the south's most coveted traditions: Baying Wild Hogs.

God Bless,
Gilbert Thompson

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