Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Independence Baying Scheduled at Fort Bayou Ranch

Fourth of July weekend looks like fun at Fort Bayou Ranch. The word I got is that there was a question about the location getting a permit based upon a complaint from a neighbor which was brought before the county board of supervisors.

Well without getting into all the negative stuff, good news is the permit was issued and the baying is on schedule.

You can go to their website by clicking the link here: Fort Bayou Ranch

I especially enjoyed the Youtube video slideshow with about a hundred photos of the event. What stood out to me was so many smiling faces, lots of children, everyone was clean, respectable, friendly, and this is so clear in all the photos: the dogs and the hogs were so healthy and muscular. I got to tell you I am impressed with the baying overall.

I haven't talked to my daughter yet as to what we are going to do that weekend because we have several options, but I can tell you I would not mind being there.

I have had some technical issues with my blogs lately, so I won't put in any pictures and just go ahead and publish this post to see if it goes up and basicly use it as a test of the system.

And I plan to post some articles about vaccinations of dogs and puppies again soon because there is a lot of information I think needs to be shared on this subject.

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