Thursday, February 6, 2014

The One Dog Wonder?

Most people have no clue what a one dog wonder is?

And the most profound question that presents is: Why?

Maybe because they are so rare? No, actually, there are many out there but the people who have them and breed them like I do, are so frustrated with un-educated buyers wasting our time that we disqualify most people who call us to buy them, and we would rather keep the dogs for our friends and family, who are already qualified buyers, than to try to educate the public one new customer at a time, because it is a big waste of our time. Whereas on the other hand the people who are qualified buyers, confess that after they learned what a superior gene pool produces, they are reluctant to refer most people to me as a buyer because they claim their friends do not deserve these dogs, because they would run them with a pack, instead of as a one dog. and running these dogs with a pack usually results in the death of the dog.

Although 95% of the people shopping for a hog dog want a finished or started dog, most of them don't know what defines a finished dog and worse sometimes most their understanding of hog hunting might come from watching Youtube videos of a pack of dogs gangbanging a hog!

 Again and again we old-time breeders have suffered the regret of selling a newbie a great dog, and then hearing them disrespectfully blaming us for selling them a finished or started dog that won't hunt for them(the new buyer). The problem is the new buyer doesn't understand upfront that a finished dog finished by someone else will never be the same with a new owner and usually doesn't hunt for a new owner right away, or worse it may never hunt for anyone but the man who raised it as a puppy.

 Now there are some people with these same dogs(like I have) that are getting around a thousand dollars for a puppy, because they haul them to trials and win, but sorry to say, it looks like those folks are only in it for the money.

Now that being said, I confess: I have purposely priced my dogs way below (what I and my customers know) is the real value of the dogs I breed. Why? Because, I am not in it for the money, and I did not want to attract those who are. Yet, there are people I owe that must be paid. Like the people that own the gas pump, feed store, vet supply, and the people who have helped us(me and the dogs) get through tough times, etc...

All that being said, basicly, I was testing the market to see where people sense of value was at.

Here is my findings:

There are people who think that registration papers are everything, and boy do they have a lot to learn when it comes to the NALC or any registration papers!!!

There are those who have never had a Catahoula AND truly want to learn and these people will acquire the greatest value from owning a well breed Catahoula, IF they work with the breeder and learn how to handle this unique breed. A breed completely different than any other dog breed, and the closest thing I have ever found to a pure bred wolf! Just like my wolf is not an AVERAGE dog(compared to most domesticated dogs), and does not make a good pet for most people, so it is with a Catahoula, as it is not easy for most people to "own" them unless they understand the dogs need to express their working abilities.

Because the dogs expression of working abilities are often dependent upon a relationship involved in daily activities with the master, only certain people actually qualify to handle them.

I just spoke to some one who had a one dog wonder, and called me because he read some of my stuff, and wanted another one.

A one dog wonder does everything, and does not need help....

I have to publish this now unfinished...but I promise to re-edit and finish this article later....

gotta go,

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