Sunday, February 23, 2014

Uncle Earl's Is A Family, Not Just An Event

As I approach another Uncle Earl's this year, I am always, as usual, thinking of the "family".

The Uncle Earl's family was created by a man(and his wife) who claimed what made the Uncle Earl's possible, and thus happen every year, was us, the hog hunters who brought our family, dogs, and MONEY to Winnfield to be a part of something that got so big, it turned into a 5 day event. 

Now, let us look at this for a moment: what makes and defines the Uncle Earl's according to Jimmy Young? three words...

"we the people"  

Now on that note, a lot of discussion has been going on about what is wrong with the Uncle Earl's and how to correct it.

Shortly after the fiasco that was the UE2011, someone told me that it would only take one person to stand up and make "the change".

Well, my response to that is I am only one person, but "we the people" can move mountains if we have the faith of a mustard seed! So, I began to stir the pot, because...

"I" alone, am not gonna change a damn thing!

So.... on that note Jimmy has always wrote, published and advocated that we personally and collectively claim, exercise, take a stand and fight for our right to hunt, fish, use dogs, worship as we choose, speak freely, vote, etc...

Well in honor AND DEFENSE of our sport, event, and family, I did take a stand against the fraud and "the people " committing those crimes at the 2011 UE. And based upon my conversations with Winnfield elected officials after the UE2011, I and a whole bunch of the audience who witnessed that "rigged" so called competition, were disgusted with what we had to watch and I will not get into details here again. Those who need to know, are already embarrassed enough with all the grizzly, bloody details. And we are not going to go there again here in this article, or hopefully do we need or want to see anything like that ever happen again! 

Although some key players tried to turn me against Jimmy and other innocent, yet influential people in Winnfield after the Uncle Earl's in 2011, I am not against anyone who owns up AND CONFESSES, and Jimmy has nothing to confess in my opinion.  But I am not sure who all is guilty, because I was never advised of the meeting date, and was thus NOT allowed to go to Winnfield in January 2012 and address the issues in front of the board of directors. Shame on that person who I once trusted, who lied and deceived me to prevent me from being there, as I was led to believe we would ALL be there to confront and hopefully resolve the problems that I first alone, stood up and called out as a crime!  And when I called her out on that one, for hiding the date of the planning meeting, her reply to me was: "Oh well, hind sight is 20/20!"
Yah, you right baby, I can now see you as the liar that you are! Thus...and furthermore I am happy to say I am glad you did not get the contract to produce the UE 2012.

But one thing is for sure, there is a lot of money on the line to be gained at the Uncle Earl's, if you win. But what is in it money wise for the people who are loading the chutes and controlling who wins OR LOSES? Or, are they just doing this for their friends benefit of profit and glory?

No!, and here is why:

Well, if you sold someone a puppy who now wins at the Uncle Earl's, you as the breeder who sold that puppy years ago, that now went on to become the winner of the Uncle Earl's, you(the breeder) can now command a price of about $1,000 per puppy to the people who think they can just "buy" a future winner of the Uncle Earl's and stand in the winners circle, and get your picture on the cover of a magazine, AND take home thousands of dollars, etc...

That's where the real  big money is, in winning at the Uncle Earl's, and thus the motivation to load the chutes to control the outcome of the competition by people who seem to have no profit motive otherwise! And that potential (backdoor) income is not limited to the 5 days in Winnfield, because that kind of notoriety goes on creating profit for years.... 

Now, how did I figure all this out? Well, three of my close friends who I used to speak to on a regular basis, started ripping each other to shreds after I began to stir the pot after the UE2011, and I wondered why, because they were to my knowledge, all the best of friends.  

Well, in time I figured it out: " simple....there is no honor among thieves"!

Now let me see if we can address a very similar problem we all face in this country, which bears the same solution as fixing the Uncle Earl's:

"Our Constitutional rights are under attack.

While we sleep, local and state elected officials are legislating away our freedoms by implementing federal legislation which lawfully does NOT apply constitutionally speaking to the several states.

The President is acting as a king -- issuing "decrees" called Executive Orders -- which we are led to believe deny our God-given birthrights and overrides the Constitution for the united States of America, bypassing the system of checks and balances contained in that constitution for which Americans have sworn to defend and have fought, bled, and dies for in service to us, which is "we the people".

Corrupt courts practicing commercial law, then unlawfully prosecute innocent people on false charges to extort money, all of which ignores the right to due process of law.

To what may we attribute the impending death of our once great republic nation where individual rights were constitutionally protected and the current slave status of once-free Americans sovereigns?

 Who is truly to blame for her state of bankruptcy and vulnerability?
We the people are, by our silence. Our lack of involvement is our acquiescence."

 BTW, "acquiescence" is legalese for acceptance...

Time to stand up people, AND PROTEST, because it is our Uncle Earl's, and it is our country.

It is the least that I, or should I say we can do to honor the hard work, dedication and perseverance that Jimmy AND Sharon Young have freely, generously, and voluntarily given to us in the Uncle Earl family after all these years.

Jimmy and Sharon, thank you for being a shining example of what one man(and his wife) can do to make this world a better place by serving others...

to be continued!

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