Friday, February 21, 2014

The Typical Catahoula Hog Dog Buyer

The Typical Catahoula Hog Dog Buyer?
What kind of title is this?
Well this article is written in defense of my friends, the dogs, AND the breeders of the best hog dogs in the world: Catahoula. But more so, this article is in defense of the dogs who like the breeders, have suffered heart ache, abuse, disrespect, and neglect in the hands of humans who do not understand Catahoulas(or MOST other living beings). How have we(humans) collectively speaking, gotten so out of touch with nature?(and other living beings, human or otherwise)

The typical Catahoula hog dog buyer wants to buy a finished dog, and this is the same complaint I hear from almost every other breeder of the top dogs too. It is like 95% of the people who call me wanting to buy a "hog dog", want it finished, and think this is an "easy" way to be up and running?
Well the truth is, a well bred, WELL RAISED, properly trained, AND finished CATAHOULA that was raised, trained and hunts hogs hard, for someone whom they love and know they can trust to back them up when it gets down and dirty will most likely not hunt for "a new owner" anytime soon, if ever.

"Why?", you ask.

Because the dog doesn't know if the new owner will be like the only person they have ever loved and TRUSTED ENOUGH TO RISK THEIR LIFE in the service of hog hunting!

Because the dog doesn't know if the new owner will BE CONSIDERATE ENOUGH to take them into the house when it is freezing outside for 72 hours straight, who will be glad to pay whatever it takes at the vet office to put them back together again AFTER GOING INTO HARMS WAY TO SERVE THAT PERSON THEY KNOW AND TRUST.


 Because the dog doesn't know if the new owner will ALWAYS bring the dogs into the skinning shed AND the camp interior after a hard cold AND SUCCESSFUL hunt especially after "THE DOGS" ARE bringing home the bacon(that you are now bragging on!).


 Because the dog doesn't know if the new owner will be their best friend year round allowing them to run around the yard HOPEFULLY every day to get some much needed exercise while we(their servant who feeds them AND CLEANS out feces from their kennel)even if "we" can't hunt because it is too hot in the summertime.


 Because the dog doesn't know if the new owner will understand that a dog with 3 broken ribs STILL NEEDS TO EAT, AND will most likely NOT hunt FOR YOU OR ANYONE ELSE for AT LEAST 6 months because they NEED TO heal up after the last train wreck THAT YOU drove them into(and they were willing to risk their life to serve you?).

That's why!


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